Shadalene A. Villaluz Design
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Stacked Book Poetry Poster

In 2017, the Rains Law Library at LMU celebrated National Poetry Month by inviting the law school community to construct book spine poetry using the law library collection. This poster was used to publicize the event within the library space, so bright colors were used to draw attention to the exhibit.

To create the poster, I illustrated the forms using the Procreate app (iPad) and added in color and dimension using Adobe Photoshop. 


Renegade Craft Fair Concept

Inspired by the artisan and handmade movement, this poster’s central graphic was illustrated using the Procreate iPad app and Adobe Illustrator. The Los Angeles skyline is the central focus, and details like the map on the bottom right and the script font title were chosen to give the poster a crafted look. 


LA Makerspace Poster

This poster was created to publicize an LA Makerspace Hackathon event for students and families. The ad would be posted in public spaces like libraries and schools. 

Read more about the LA Makerspace project here