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Playing to Design Strengths


This morning, I read this quote from Jessica Hische’s blog:

“Even as a freelancer, it’s easy (as your career advances) to focus on bigger projects, bigger budgets, sexier clients, etc. but it’s very important to not lose sight of what you actually love about what you do.”

I’ve been freelancing for three years, and I’ve recently reached a new season in my career - transitioning back into a full-time freelancer from an in-house designer, I’m both freaked out about future uncertainty and thrilled about future possibilities. With new clients and more experience, I’ve reached a point where I’m better acquainted with my strengths. That gives me a strong sense of what opportunities are the best fit and what kind of jobs will allow me to best serve my clients.

I’ve worked on marketing teams and design teams. Through that experience, I’ve developed a love for creating marketing collateral and helping marketing teams solve business goals through design. I also enjoy the creative freedom of illustration and experimenting with colors. I like the challenge of taking text and images and creating print and digital layouts.

My hope for this next season is to become more and more acquainted with what I love to do. I want to grow in those strengths to help people and businesses build stronger brands and improve communication with their audiences.

Shadalene Villaluz