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Nonprofit Design - Adoption Digital Guide


I’ve been working for TruAdopt, a nonprofit law firm dedicated to legal representation of birthparents, for a little over a year now. Reflecting on the year, I’m amazed to see how one adoption attorney’s vision has come to life, and I’m honored that I have the opportunity to take part in the design, marketing, and branding of this nonprofit organization. 

TruAdopt advocates for separate representation for expectant parents. In the majority of adoptions in this country, it is only the adoptive parents who have legal representation. Allowing an expectant parent to go through an adoption without their own attorney creates an inherent power imbalance with potential conflicts of interest. To ensure a healthy adoption, it’s essential for expectant parents to have separate legal representation.

Today I want to share my latest project for TruAdopt, a downloadable PDF designed to simplify the adoption process by outlining it from beginning to end. I had a lot of fun designing it and I hope that this can help educate and inform you on the realities of adoption from the expectant mother’s perspective.  


DOWNLOAD HERE via truadopt



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